When 1+1=11
Imagine what can be achieved if we are able to join our forces across any kind of boundaries? Bridging diverse backgrounds, disciplines, functions, organizations, generations and cultures unleashing the full power of collective intelligence?
It's the magic moment when the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts – for the benefit of all.
That's what we call "the value of we".

The value of we

Let's bring shared visions to life

Do you need help in transforming your organization towards a vital collaborative network with various internal and external stakeholders?

We are a management consultancy specialized in organization-wide change and transformation engagement.

For 10 years we are helping clients across all sectors, industries and cultures to bring shared visions to life – for the benefit of all stakeholder groups.

Are you kicking-off a change initiative, merger or partnership venture, or ared deep into it? Would you like to take your organization from a “me” to a “we” mindset?

We are ready to unlock the collaborative power of your unique web of internal and external stakeholder relationships - to make a difference to your performance, impact and partnership value creation.

Let’s talk today to find out how we can help you best on your journey!
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What we believe

The future of management is collaborative

At Human Facts, we believe in the power of partnerships to make a world of difference: A world where economic and human values are created hand-in-hand – not either or.

There is no shortage of ideas, connections or funds to solve the urgent issues of our times. We believe, however, there is a shortage of thriving partnerships – the ones that take us from a “me” to “we” mindset. The kind of partnerships that have the power to unleash collective intelligence and co-create innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.

That’s why we are passionate about rethinking management as an art and a science of leading a vital collaborative stakeholder network  - adding value for all.

Today’s interconnected digital business

world blurs the lines between sectors, industries, organizations, roles, responsibilities and functions.

In our emerging eco-system economy, we believe business success increasingly relies on the art of managing an organization as an agile, fluid network of collaborative relationships with multiple partners and stakeholders.

Since 2015 there’s been a 20% rise of firms engaging in various partnership models beyond their own company walls - for new products, capability building, innovation and inclusive growth.

The question is how to successfully transform, manage and govern organizations that are becoming more and more a multi-partnership-ecosystem that is continually evolving?

That's why our vision is to innovate a collaborative management approach that places stakeholder relationships right at the heart to create both, sustainable business and human values.

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What can you achieve ALONE today?
In our increasingly digitized ecosystem world, vital collaborative relationships with various stakeholders inside and beyond firms’ boundaries are becoming a unique strategic capability – a source of difference.
That’s why we believe the future of management is collaborative.

Our vision

At Human Facts, we believe in the power of partnerships to make a world of difference: A world where economic and human values are created hand-in-hand – not either or.

There is no shortage of ideas, connections or funds to solve the urgent issues of our times. We believe, however, there is a shortage of thriving partnerships – the ones that take us from a “me” to “we” mindset. The kind of partnerships that have the power to unleash collective intelligence and co-create innovative solutions for a better tomorrow.

That's why our vision is to innovate a partnering management approach that places stakeholder relationships right at the heart to create both, sustainable business and human values.

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Imagine what we can achieve if we put relationships first...
We believe trusting relationships with all stakeholders deserve to be at the heart of any management approach as they are inevitable for both, prospering business and humanity.

Who we are

A management consultancy boutique based in Switzerland

At Human Facts, we live what we believe in: A multi-disciplinary network approach. A wide range of partners allows us to orchestrate and team-up with consultancy experts from various fields, flexibly adapted to our clients' focus, needs and challenges.

Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Founder | Managing Partner
«Dedicated to bringing shared visions to life»

Key areas

  • The human side of Management

  • Organizational Change & Transformation Management

  • Collaborative Senior Leader Engagement

  • Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, Design & Dialog

  • Blended Learning & Education Management

Renato Galli
Senior Partner
«Embrace change but don't let go off your values»

Key areas

  • The business side of IT Projects

  • IT Support Management & IT Project Management

  • Multichannel customer service center Management

  • IT application incident and crisis management

  • IT Project Business Case & Productivity Management

Let’s build vital collaborative organizations together.
It is our passion to rethink and innovate a collaborative management approach that places stakeholder relationships right at the heart to create both, sustainable business and social values.

What's important to us


We evolve with our clients and the world around us. But one thing remains unchanged: our values and how we let them guide us in everything we do each day.

  • We believe in human strengths and human potentials
  • We genuinely respect people and partnerships
  • We cultivate a learners’ mindset, create and provoke visionary thinking
  • We strive for high-quality solutions
  • We love to inspire and be inspired
  • We enjoy collaborating with a fun and creative spirit
  • We have and voice our ethical standpoint
  • We care for the planet, humanity and democratic values

What makes us human? It's the unique combination of mind, heart and hand.
It’s the source for our human natures’ strengths: learning, culture, leadership, and of course - collaboration.

What we offer


As a Swiss-based management consultancy, we have specialized over the last 10 years in crafting tailored collaborative engagement processes. Particularly when it comes to firm-wide change and transformation processes involving various stakeholders.

How do we do this? Put simply, we combine the best of all our insight sources: Our natural Swiss passion for participative democratic processes, our grown professional intuition and the fact-based guidance of empirical evidence.

We offer our expertise in form of consulting, analytics and readings.

Let's get in touch to find out how we can help you best.

From connectivitiy to partnerships
Connections are not partnerships. They do not lead automatically to value creation. Partnerships can't be forced or «commanded» - they can only be inspired. That’s why we call it an art.



We’ve developed our approach working with a broad range of clients and industries, from the world's leading brands, small-and mid-sized companies, through to mission-driven and educational institutions.

We are delighted to share the feedback we have received from some of the inspiring individuals and companies we had the pleasure to work with.

«Way beyond what many would have expected»

It was a pleasure and a privilege for me and all of the members of the Management Team to work with you in the preparation and execution of our Transformation Project and the Senior Leader Meeting, and I share the opinions of most of the participants regarding the positive impact generated by our common effort. Needless to say that your participation and contribution in this process was instrumental in this positive outcome and I am personally grateful for your support and engagement, which went way beyond what many would have expected. I will certainly come back to ask for your support in any similar project we might start in the future, and I hope that you will be available to assist us when such an opportunity arises.

Division President, Global Industry Technology and Services Provider, Switzerland.

«We appreciated your guidance.»

Management events with our top 200 people are key milestones. At such events, we want to get the organization ready for further rebuild and win the people. For that it is not only important what we do there, but more the how - and that is where we appreciated your guidance. Top quality in the background make others successful and yet passionate, committed and dedicated. Your support and guidance mean a lot to me. Thank you.

Division President, Global Financial Services Provider, Switzerland

«No power battle, good interaction.»

Was my best Senior Leadership Forum since I participated. No power battle, good interaction.

Senior Executive, Leading Global Industry Technology and Services Provider, Switzerland

«Clearly defined leadership principles.»

Thanks to Ms. Bilhuber we have made an important step to develop a common leadership understanding based on clearly defined leadership principles. The work and results we developed with her were concrete enough to transfer and develop them further now. We wholeheartedly recommend collaborating with Ms. Bilhuber!

Executive Board, Food Industry (Oetker Group), Germany

«We successfully approached some new strategic avenues together.»

Our globally operating business division faced the challenge to develop new markets and client segments. We therefore started a complex process to develop a new vision and mission statement where about 30 colleagues of different functions were involved. Ms. Bilhuber has guided us in this process successfully to results thanks to her excellent and professional preparation and her empathic and focused facilitation. In the meantime, we have continued our collaboration and have successfully approached some more new strategic avenues together with the goal-oriented guidance of Ms. Bilhuber.

CEO and Vorstandsvorsitzender International Industrial Material Industry, Germany.

«It’s a shame we didn’t do this kind of thing earlier.»

It's a shame that we didn't do this kind of comprehensive workshop earlier!

Director of Sales, International Industrial Material Industry, Germany

«We were able to continue working with the workshop results.»

I've experienced quite a number of workshops during my 30-year career – but with this one it seems that we were actually able to continue working with the workshop-results in our day-to-day business.

Senior Engineer, International Industrial Material Industry, Germany

In an increasingly digital world, human-to-human experiences are becoming a unique good.
For firms and organization as much as for people.

Our Network


We enjoy exchanging insights with people from diverse, yet complementary fields and backgrounds. We are passionate about inspiring each other, learning from each other, helping each other. By engaging in a continuous dialog across the boundaries of expertise, industries, practice and science, we love to create new insights for our clients and networks.
Marius Baumgartner
Baumgartner HR Consulting
International Human Resources Management
Dr. Henning Bilhuber
Bilhuber Consulting & Training
Engagement and Workability Analytics
Susann Bongers
Bcompanion GmbH
Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Teambuilding
Christian M. Ernst
Ernst Christian Sarl
Management Assessment and Audits
Sunnie J. Groeneveld
Inspire 925 GmbH
Future of Work, Digital Leadership
Dr. Claude Heini
Leading Power - Human Potential GmbH
Leadership Development and Training, Executive Coaching
Franziska Heizmann
Heizmann Consultancy
Humanitarian Projects
Marco Kelting
DHC Business Solutions
Digital Process Management
Stephanie Langsch
Collective Leadership Institute
Private-public Partnerships, Sustainability Management
Malte Lorenz
Hungry Ventures
Digital Business Model Innovation
Dr. Claudio Noto
C Research Aviation Consulting
Feedbacksystems, Aviation Sector
Sandra Pellkofer-Gianni
Seminare mit Sinn
Sales and Client-Experience Trainings, Large Group Facilitation
The Strategists Network
Open Innovation, Strategy Development
Digital Communication, Omnichannel & Social Media Marketing
Elisabeth Bauer
Strategy Consulting for Non-Profit Organisations
There is no B2B or B2C, it's H2H – Human-to-Human.
Bryan Kramer



Through our memberships and volunteering mandates we engage beyond our business to advance thought leadership in our discipline as well as a promising «all-of-us» tomorrow for our society as a whole.



Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Whoever else did?
Margret Mead



At Human Facts, we believe in the power of people and partnerships to make a world of difference creating both, economic and human impact.

As a dynamic and growing business, we are always on the lookout for passionate individuals who feel they can contribute to our vision and team, whether through a specific job opportunity or to become part of our extended network of partners.

What counts is an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion to continually learn, to join forces and to put relationships first.

Feel inspired? Let’s talk.
It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela


Creating Partnership Value

In this blog we share our favourite insights, discoveries and experiences on how to create partnership value in business and beyond. By selecting inspiring and forward-thinking management studies, books, videos, podcasts, consultancy intelligence, people, events, and living partnerships we hope to contribute to a necessary and emerging paradigm shift in our management and leadership arena: from a “me” to a partnering “we” leadership approach carried by the spirit of benefitting all of us. We truly hope you find something that catches your interest and serves your inspiration!

If you’d like to follow this blog please subscribe to the “Eva’s AusLese” newsletter below and you’ll receive a quarterly issue of this blog, personally edited by Eva Bilhuber, Founder and Managing Partner Human Facts AG.

Thanks for reading, sharing and helping to grow the knowledge body and experience around Creating Partnership Value.


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