We believe that Collaborative Management, Ecosystem Management and Multi-Stakeholder Engagement are fields still in the early stages of development. There will be much more to discover over time. We are dedicated to contributing to further understanding this topic in a practical, yet evidence-based way.

We have collected a great deal of insights in the field of collaborative management - from our mandates, own research, many studies and many inspiring conversations with experts in our network. We compiled this know-how in several publications that we are happy to share.

  • Doing the Right Thing - Moving towards a more humane economy (German)
  • Müller-Stewens, G. / Bilhuber Galli, E. (2022): Das Richtige tun - Aufbruch zu einer menschlicheren Wirtschaft. NZZlibro, Zurich.
  • Book Videotrailer (english subtitles)

  • Why and how taking Relational Capital serious
    Bilhuber Galli, E. (2013): The value of We. In: Vollmar et al. (Hrsg.): Macht des Vertrauens. Perspektiven und aktuelle Herausforderungen im unternehmerischen Kontext, Springer Gabler, Wiesbaden.