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20. October 2023

Built on compassion (not just marketing)

Imagine a world of inspiring online courses. This is the vision of Glen Long from the UK. He has observed that the hype around digital online courses that we've all been experiencing since the global pandemic shutdown is causing two problems: 1) people who shouldn't be creating courses want to create them to be part of the hype, and 2) perhaps more annoyingly, it's making people who should be creating courses skeptical about doing it, which means that there is a huge potential of online courses that might useful for many people, but will not be built.

Have you ever thought about turning what you know into an online course? Then I highly recommend Glen Long's very generous offer of a free 20 day online sprint programme. Each day you will receive a 5 minute bite-sized video lesson plus 2-3 homework questions. My key takeaway: valuable online courses take the perspective of "this is what I want to teach" and replace it with the perspective of "this is what you are capable of mastering". This requires us to put ourselves in the learner's shoes, which means letting go of our own ideas and strengthening our compassion muscle to look at the world from the learner's side.

Do you already consider yourself a learning or e-learning expert? I highly recommend this sprint programme anyhow. Having a Masters in Education myself and having been deeply involved in the first e-learning hype around the years 1990-2000, I can say that it is a great help and very useful practical support that Glen offers. Having seen a lot of offerings in this area that focus on how to market or increase sales I find Glen's approach refreshingly different: it focuses on how to create better learning experiences rather than how to get the best share of the current hype.

Thank you Glen for your work! I am very happy to share Glen's inspiring work here because, in my eyes, he stands for the right reasons to build more great online courses (not just good marketing around them). His course sprint is indeed a generous testament to both his great online course creation skills and his compassionate vision for a world of more valuable online offerings.
Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Human Facts AG
Founder | Managing Partner
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