22. February 2023

Want to discover the career that is most fulfilling for you?

Each of us — whether in the early, mid, or late stages of our career — comes to a point at least once when we feel dissatisfied with our job or occupation. And that might have nothing to do with our success. On the contrary, we might have achieved a position that, on the surface, meets all criteria of objective career success: an important role in a recognized organization, a salary that provides us with financial security, and maybe even a high degree of work–life balance.

Despite objective career success, we might feel unfulfilled and unnurtured. It could be because we feel powerless to change things or our job has become boring, and we think we have more potential. Or, it is possible that we long to contribute to something more meaningful where we can be passionately involved and show up with our whole Self at work.

Does this sound familiar to you? If yes, it might be that while your job aligns with your interests and competencies, it might not fulfill your deeper motives and purpose in life. In other words, what your head thought was the right job for you no longer meets the needs of what your heart is longing for. Research on the choice of careers shows that if there is a conflict between our rational voice and our emotions for an extended period, we may end up getting frustrated and in worst case even ill.

Choosing a career based solely on what our mind wants might not reflect our deep-rooted motives. When we make a career decision using only our minds, we are greatly influenced by what our parents, friends, or society perceive as the right career move. In our current environment career moves seem to be stimulated e.g. by the hope of a more purposeful job. However, studies are cited that meanwhile up to 72% that quit their jobs under the influence of what was called the “great resignation” regret their career move and are disappointed in their new roles.

To choose a truly fulfilling career, don’t get trapped in your own blind spots. It is essential to reflect very bluntly upon both to be able to align it: what our mind thinks and what our heart feels is the right choice for us. Otherwise, we might end up in more of the same, simply in a different outside context. The following questions can help: What is one way your presence makes a difference in this world? What do you consider a successful career for yourself? And what tasks, responsibilities, and experiences have made me feel thriving in the past?

To get an evidence-based answer to these questions, I have found the CareerProfile® online assessment from the company Decision Dynamics to be a great help. I personally was particularly grateful for it in times when I had lost a sense of direction. It was brought to me by my wonderful colleague Jason Kay and brought me enlightened clarity for an important career decision many years ago. This experience led me to become a certified coach for this assessment myself. Since then, it has become my favorite tool I work with in my executive coaching - I just love to share this helpful experience with others!

Want to find out what really matters for you in your career? If that speaks to you  - or to your employees - feel welcome to check out my 1:1 Career Spot Coaching including a CareerProfile® online assessment offered over our new Partnering Leadership Academy platform and benefit from a special spring discount by booking a session before end of April 2023.

Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Human Facts AG
Founder | Managing Partner
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