29. January 2021

Reimagine a sustainable planet

Do you wish to effectively contribute to environmental change? Acting environmentally conscious in our daily business is certainly a necessary contribution, but simply is not enough. The challenges of climate change, CO2 emissions, renewable energies, waste problems, up to the shrinking biodiversity, are multifaceted and more than pressing. They need a bundled and powerful expertise approach by respective organizations, projects and NGOs. 1% for the Planet is a non-profit organization and world-wide network that helps to gather donations that are channeled through credible and respected ways to certified environmental and social justice nonprofit organizations that address our environmental issues effectively through purpose and expertise.

Are you ready to take responsibility for our ecological legacy - now? By joining 1% for the Planet as a member, businesses and individuals commit to giving 1% of gross sales or their salary each year to approved and certified nonprofit partners of your own choice. That allows you to choose as well nonprofits in your country or region you want to support. Due to their commitments, 1% for the Planet members have given back more than $270 million to the environment.

Would you love to join with your business, but … Although most people buy-into this idea morally, particularly small businesses feel they can’t afford to give away their earnings for economic reason. For those it might be helpful to consider that 65% of consumers will pay more for brands committed to positive environmental change. Using the logo and advert possibilities that 1% for the Planet provides to their members, you might not lose, but may in fact, increase your sales.

So, what about reimagining your business as an active, environmentally-conscious player?

For two years, Human Facts has been a member of 1% for the Planet and I am still grateful to my friend and colleague, Malte, who alerted me of this possibility. Although we had an environmentally- and socially-conscious approach from the beginning, using only recycled paper for all our marketing material, driving hybrid cars or taking public transport and committing 20% of our time to supporting Swiss and African management students in their career development, we always felt we needed to do more. To join 1% for the Planet was a wonderful opportunity to offer our reimagination of an economy that creates economic values and humanity hand-in-hand; another voice, not only in the form of words, but commitment.

Hope, this inspires you to join, too!

Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Dr. Eva Bilhuber
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