11. September 2020

…or never – a “shortcut” to bring your business purpose to life

Do you want to kick-off your business idea or start-up and need an affordable yet stylish design and website? The company or never” helps ideas, businesses and services come to life by offering affordable, inclusive plug & play starter-kit-website and design solutions.

“or never” offers standardized branding and design services for small budgets. It helps to keep the investment low at the beginning, a particularly risky stage when starting out with a new idea or business. The two marketing experts and wonderful women behind this idea have both gone through the process of building up companies from scratch and wish they themselves had an affordable yet professional one-stop-shop offering at the time.

Make it easy for everyone to become a change maker. With the offering of “or never” they would like to lower the barrier for even small ideas and starting entrepreneurs to get professionally visible on the web. A wonderful idea to encourage and allow each of us to become a change maker and bring our dreams and services to life.

Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Dr. Eva Bilhuber
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