11. November 2021

Looking for new ways in your life?

Do you feel disempowered, low in energy and missing meaning in your life?

Maybe the questions “Why am I doing this?” or “Where does this lead to?” are popping up more and more in your mind? To have clarity about our purpose gives us direction in life-changing decisions as much as in daily decisions, and it fills us with meaning, energy and joy moving onwards.

Moving our perspective from “out-of” to “onwards-to.”

To detect the “Why” of our lives is not always easy. Particularly when we are caught in daily routines to “function” in our role at work or as a parent with our kids. We might risk making life-changing decisions in order to get rid of something that annoys us or move out of something that feels miserable, instead of moving towards something that feels meaningful and joyful for us. To be able to get into a deep dialogue with our needs, wishes, dreams, it is sometimes helpful and necessary to step out of our daily “have-to” routines in order to get in touch with our inner richness.

What about using your holidays to find your purpose during a workshop journey in Namibia?

Whenever you consider such deep conscious and deep introspection to find new ways in your life - and can combine it with your holidays - this Purpose Workshop-Travel-Offering from three very experienced female life coaches based in Switzerland might be an inspiring idea to consider.

Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Human Facts AG
Founder | Managing Partner
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