11. September 2020

If you have a need for a disruptive leader – first, disrupt your leader development practices

Do you know where the game changer strengths in your leader group are? Most firms today admit the need for being disruptive, generally regarding innovation efforts, business models, product offering development, new work settings, etc. This requires being able to ”change the game” or at least being able to adapt quickly to game-changing rules.

Identify and develop a “game changing” mindset with the Game Changer Index©. The GC Index is a wonderful hands-on online assessment tool that helps you identify the different leader qualities necessary for accelerating your change and transformation success. It states that you need different leadership roles with related unique skills and strengths to transform your company: a game-changer, a strategist, an implementer, a polisher and a playmaker. All those roles have been proven to be necessary in their combination to make a transformation successful.

A way to promote leader uniqueness by complementing each other successfully. We, at Human Facts, believe that the GC Index© can help firms to identify and develop the necessary leadership qualities to become disruptive. It allows your firm to value, promote and develop unique leadership strengths in complementary relation to each other. That’s why we have started to introduce the GC Index© in our work to help our clients to detect and develop the relevant innovation leadership qualities needed for successful transformations. It can be used for recruitment, setting up a specific project team, within transformation processes or general leadership development efforts.

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Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Dr. Eva Bilhuber
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