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11. October 2022

How to favor openness

Do you ask yourself from time-to-time what little thing could help you to stay open to possibility? Particularly in your daily interactions in the workplace, when others are particularly tuned into adversity, grievances and fear? Conventional coaching wisdom suggests to move us from a problem-centered to a solution-centered view by asking a question such as, “How would a better world look like for you?” or “What could be the good thing for which this situation serves?” But what if your partners, colleagues or employees feel so overwhelmed by their feelings of adversity, that they are not able to make this mental shift? In such a case, there are three magic words that might be of enormous help, as Daniel Pink, NYT bestselling author explains in this ultra-short 90-second video: “Tell me more”.

“Tell me more” will move you and your partners to the space of the magic world of possibilities. Particularly in the case when you are confronted with feelings of resentment, stress, resistance, fear or uncertainty. It allows you to listen, recognize and process those feelings, which will help to dissolve them and bring us back to a space of openness. Because under any kind of negativity lies an unclaimed potential. It’s something that wants to be explored so it can find a way to get expressed. With “tell me more”, we move into a space of appreciation, curiosity and wonder, and favor openness towards such potentials. At the same times, it allows us to share a common space, fostering each others’ genius and not letting the fear divide us. Thanks, Daniel Pink, for your inspiring creativity to make complex things easy to grasp, without simplifying them! This provides great value and is a role model for us all.

Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Human Facts AG
Founder | Managing Partner
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