30. July 2021

How to cultivate trust in meetings

Trust is at the heart of any kind of partnership. Trust is not built through a single activity. Not through a one-day teambuilding event. It’s actually an energy created by recurring reciprocal habits. The best opportunity to build habits that result in mutual trust are meetings.

How do you cultivate trust in meetings? Download our free meeting guide! We launched this free meeting guide for everybody who is interested in how to create and cultivate a meeting environment where reciprocal trusting cycles can best unfold. Using this “Partnership Meeting Experience Canvas” helps you to establish a habit to prepare and reflect any kind of team- board- project- or workshop meeting in order to create a surrounding that helps flourish trust and safety among all participants.

May we kindly ask for your help? We would like to hear from you if and what of this free guide was helpful for you! This guide is part of a larger initiative, aiming to inspire more partnering experiences in our business world, which we launched under www.partnership-value.com. Along that line, we intend to include more and more tools that help to create trusting partnerships and a partnering culture, particularly in a competitive business environment. Why? We strongly believe that good partnerships are the most scarce resource today when it comes to solving the boundary-spanning burning environmental and social issues of our time. In other words, we think we urgently need to inspire, rejuvenate and rejoice professional partnering energy across any kind of boundaries and particularly in competitive contexts. Does that “sing” to you? Your feedback is highly appreciated - you can write me directly at eva@human-facts.com or share it below:

  • What’s your working definition of good partnerships?
  • What kind of partnering struggles do you encounter in your professional interactions, teams or organizations?
  • What have you found helpful in supporting trust in partnerships? What support, guide, tool would be of greatest interest?

Your generous feedback is received with deep gratitude.

Thank you for being with us on this journey to a more partnering business world!

Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Dr. Eva Bilhuber
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