22. March 2022

2022 – Creating a more partnering business world

The time for a more partnering business world is now. I’ve never felt this call more urgently than now. It’s become exceedingly visible how most of the burning societal issues of our times are rooted in one and the same thing: a lacking partnering leadership competency and spirit. On the geopolitical scene as much as on a personal level at our workplaces, we realize that our current hierarchical competitive leadership concept is at its limits. We are creating competitive advantages more and more at the expense of humanity and the resources of our planet. The need for a shift towards a partnering leadership paradigm has never been greater.

Imagine for a moment... How would our world look like if thriving partnering experiences were the rule not the exception? We would see a world united in mutual respect, kindness and openness, aiming for shared purpose, goals, values and responsibility - instead of fighting win-lose battles, endless “yes, but”-debates, mistrusting others who take advantage of us, and being permanently in fear of falling short. How much innovation, thriving forward energies and freedom could we possibly set free in and between organizations, disciplines, cultures, nations if we were able to partner in better and more systematic ways?

Let’s create a paradigm shift towards a more partnering business world together. I realized, never more clearly than since the beginning of 2022, that a partnering leadership paradigm is what I deeply wish for in this world, including myself. That’s why I felt we can’t postpone any longer an idea that has long been planted in my heart: birthing a Partnering Leadership Academy. We imagine it to become a professional virtual center, forum and community serving a partnering leadership paradigm, so it comes to life in a broader and more systematic way. Learn more about our mission and our first offerings here: www.partnering-leadership.academy

We’d love to invite you to join the Partnering Leadership Academy PLA community! It’s with much excitement, and at the same time with much humility and respect, that we at Human Facts embark on this Partnering Leadership Academy journey. Clearly, this mission is far bigger than we are. That’s why we’d love to invite you taking part in our journey right from the beginning – we’ve just started!

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  • Your voice matters to us! What would you wish to see from our Partnering Leadership Academy initiative? We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to us and share any experiences, stories, questions, feedback, or offering wishes around partnering leadership. It’s an honor for us to support you in making a difference in this world through partnering leadership!

Thank you for your continued support in creating a more partnering business world together!

 Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Dr. Eva Bilhuber
Human Facts AG
Founder | Managing Partner
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